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Who Are We

PakaApp is a software development company with a focus on developing software solutions that can solve the problems faced by manking.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhancing the business growth of our partners with innovative and optimal solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and grow as a major IT service provider to become a leading performer, in providing quality solutions in the competitive global marketplace.

Our Values

Our core values are: innovation, honesty, accountability and professionalism. We strive everyday to provide the best solution to our customers.

Partner With Us

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Store / Supermarket
Do you want to tap into millions of online buyers and make onsite shopping more pleasant for your clients? Just contact us to get started with PakaApp, one of the most innovative, disruptive and trusted global shopping platform!
Financial Institution
Are you a financial institution, you want to broaden your clients range and give a unique experience to your clients? Contact us to get started with PakaApp, one of the most innovative global financial platform!
Carrier Services Company
Are you a delivery company? Partner with us to link up with millions of consumers and businesses! Just contact us to get started with PakaApp, one of the most innovative, disruptive and trusted global shopping platform!
Restaurants & Entertainment
Do you own a restaurant or an event planning company? Let your customers get you online and purchase your products wherever they are. Contact us to get started with PakaApp and greatly boost your business!

Our Services

We provide different services for companies and the society!

Web Apps

We develop professional and reliable websites and web applications. Our web apps are built with every device in mind – from the smallest smartphone to the largest display. We make your business accessible from anywhere anytime.

Mobile Apps

We develop native and hybrid apps that integrates all types of modern technology. Our team of experts can build a custom mobile app that can make you shine in your industry and place you high in competition.

Community Work

We unite people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal. We provide solutions that supports families, improve people conditions, empower women and provide employment for the youth and eautify the society.


Our specialists we lead researches that help you build your brand, understand the needs of the market and come up with appropriate solutions to create maximum value for short, intermediate and long term market


Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities. We analyse your needs and suggest the most suitable Information System solution for your company.

Systems maintenance

We take in hand divers existing technologies and we are able to provide an adaptive suite of managed IT asset lifecycle support services to your company to ensure your business continuity.

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Our Products

We have a number of products for diverse companies

In-Store Shopping

"In-store shoppers" pick a product, scan the barcode or enter the barcode in to the phone, pay or take a loan and pay, and simply walk out of the store. The app ensures that no item is taken without being paid for, if a customer tries to walk out with an unpaid product, the alarms will immediately sound.

Online Shopping

"Online Shoppers" choose a store, the location, branch, product(s), add the products to a cart and pay instantly. Shoppers can take a loan and pay, open a group shopping cart and invite their friends to shop for them, purchase goods and pick up later or order a carrier of their choice to deliver for them, purchase goods on hire purchase basis by booking a product and paying for it in installment over a period of time using their smartphone

Paka Money

Paka Money provides for consumer loans, rental loans, SME/business loans and individual loans which are offered in partnership with financial providers such as banks, equity firms etc. Paka Money also allows users transfer money and shop using their Paka Money conveniently. Download PakaApp to access PakaMoney. PakaMoney allows users to get loans instantly and pay for their shopping in case of insufficient funds.


Paka Supplies & Resselers is a platform that connects suppliers, resselers and delivery agents. Paka Supplies and resselers registers and vets suppliers and resselers and ensures that they are legaly compliant before allowing them to access services on Paka Supplies and Resselers system. This ensures that only eligible suppliers and resselers are registered in the system. This is a platform where one can find trusted suppliers and resselers.


Paka Carriers is a plateform that connects carrier service providers to shoppers, stores, suppliers and resselers. Shoppers order for products from stores and contract a carrier service to deliver a product at a specified destination and time. Carriers are registered and verified before they are given access to the platform. Carriers can partner with us by clicking the button below.

Paka Promotions

Paka Promotions allows members of the public or corporate entities to place paid-for promotions targetting a particular audience with particular shopping preferences. To promote your products and services with us, click the button below.

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